Useful information

Who we are. e.V. is a German national business network of and for female professionals and executives. „First give, then take“ – according to this principle, we offer a platform for collaborating, exchanging experiences and mutual support to more than 400 members. e.V. is open to all women working or studying in digital media.

What we are.

Webgrrls are web designers, coaches, computer scientists, journalists, database and marketing experts, artists, and working in many more demanding professions. Some of us founded companies, others work as employees or freelancers.

How we exchange and collaborate.

Network exchange does not only take place digitally, e.g. via Zoom or mailing lists, platforms like our blogs, Twitter or Facebook, but also in real life in regional groups with regular meetings, lectures and various events. We are present on national congresses, public and professional fairs in order to exchange knowledge and enter into a dialog with the public.

Why we are special.

In contrast to many other business communities on the internet,, as a registered association, offers not only personal and professional exchange but also the possibility for political work. The focus is on improving working conditions, professional advancement of women and closing the gender gap in IT.

Where we represent our interests. as a network for female professionals and executives in digital media, participates in the National Council of German Women’s Organizations, thus lobbying in an important interest group. We also collaborate with regional networks and advocacies like Hessen-IT, female entrepreneur conventions in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and Hessia, and the Federation of Munichs Women’s Organizations. We are also involved in action alliances such as Equal Pay Day.

Interested in our network? Please contact us.